I use RCF 310A powered speakers. They recently stopped making them, so I bought the last two I could get my hands on, taking the total up to 6 now. Slightly obsessed. They retail for around $900 each, and are 350w. Sounding amazing at a low volume, the music is very clear so the dinner vibe while people are talking isn’t just background noise. The number of RCFs that I bring to an event depends on the size and layout of the room, and the number of guests.

I recently bought a QSC K10 active speaker, as the inputs are very handy! I can plug a microphone and iPod directly into it, and this was purchased because my clients sometime hire a celebrant without a PA system.

If your wedding ceremony is near a power point, the QSC is great! However for a beach wedding you will need to hire a battery powered celebrant PA system such as a MIPRO. Contact Leah at RockWest 9754 6623 to hire a MIPRO. However I feel that any celebrant worth employing for your wedding day, should have their own PA system.

I have a QSC KSub which is 1000w of power. I bring this to all outdoor events, not to annoy your grandparents but to give a rich warm sound which can be hard to achieve outdoors without the sub.

I have two Sennheiser Wireless microphones available, they sound amazing and have very few feedback issues. I have a microphone stand available for your speeches. Serato is excellent for weddings. It is a digital program I run on my Mac allowing me to DJ using my entire music collection. Its having all the music on hand, while still being able to ‘DJ’, not just pressing play on a computer.

Serato integrates with my Pioneer DDJ-SX or my CDJ400s or my Technics turntables. Usually I work from the DDJ-SX, but if you prefer the look of CDJs or turntables we can discuss this option.

I do not use Behringer anything.

Effect lighting is used to add to the atmosphere. Water Waves give a nice warm colour to the event, without dominating or taking anything away from the theme or decorations in the venue. Moving lights on the dance floor are only turned on once the dance floor is full of people. Less is more in my opinion with lighting, too much and it can quickly make an event look cheap and nasty if not done correctly.