We use mostly QSC K10.2 active speakers, as they are the absolute best on the market at the moment in our opinion. We are slightly obsessed! They retail for around $1500 each, and are 2000w. Sounding amazing at a low volume, the music is very clear so the dinner vibe while people are talking isn’t just background noise. The number of speakers that we bring to an event depends on the size and layout of the room, and the number of guests. We want you to have surround sound on your dance floor as well additional speakers for your reception area for during dinner and speeches. The more speakers we bring, the less we push each one – so its very comfortable to walk past one.

To bring bass, but importantly – richness, depth and warmth to your sound, we have a QSC KSub 1000w and a Yamaha DXS12 Sub 950w. We bring a sub to all outdoor events (not to annoy your grandparents), but as outdoor spaces are generally much less reflective than indoor. Whilst this is a good thing for sound quality and clarity, it means that the perceived sound levels can be lower, so a sub is a must to really get everyone pumped! Venues that we recommend a sub are Aravina, Eagle Bay Brewing Co and Wills Domain. If you would like to include a sub for your party let us know so we can add it to your booking.

One of the most important things at a wedding we feel, is that people can sing along to the music without hearing themselves too clearly. Its off putting when you can hear your cousin next to you singing out of tune! We are big on surround sound on the dance floor, and bring many more speakers than your ‘average’ DJ with two speakers plugged in either side of their DJ table (which is a little lazy).

We use Shure SM58 wireless GLX-D microphones. If you would like us to bring two microphones (if you have two MCs, or you wish for an extra mic) just let us know beforehand, as we usually only require one. We have a microphone stand available for your speeches, which we recommend having set up for all persons delivering a speech, as they can then hold their notes and their drink. They can easily pull the mic from the stand if they are happier holding it.

Most celebrants worth employing for your wedding day, should have their own PA system. If they do not, we have 2x BOSE S1 battery powered speakers available for hire. These can also be used to ‘beef’ up your outdoor ceremony if you have over 100 guests. They are 160w each and sound great! We also have a very reliable battery powered wireless microphone.

Serato is excellent for weddings. It is a digital program we run on the MacBook allowing us to DJ using the entire music collection. Its having all the music on hand, while still being able to ‘DJ’, not just pressing play on a computer.

Serato integrates with our DJ controllers or Technics turntables. Usually we work from a controller (Mandy has this one), but if you prefer the look of turntables we can discuss this option. 

We do not use Behringer anything.

Effect lighting is used to add to the atmosphere. Colour wash LED UP lights give a sexy feel to your event, without dominating or taking anything away from the theme or decorations in the venue. One or two colour wash lights near your dance floor are only turned on to sound activated once the dance floor is full of people. Less is more in our opinion with lighting; too much and it can quickly make an event look cheap and nasty if not done correctly. 

We have a smoke machine available, but its only recommended for outdoor events, and we only bring it upon your request (as its tacky in the wrong situation). We do not use strobe lights or anything like that, but if you can convince us that it fits with your vibe, we can source anything you want. Your wish is our desire!

If your guests notice the volume, if its too loud or too quiet – then we haven’t done our job properly. We use visual cues such as if your guests need to lean into each other to talk, then the music is too loud. Once the dancing starts we do one or two laps of the d floor throughout the night, not only to have a quick boogie with you (especially to 90s hip hop or RnB), but to make sure the sound is just right.

It should be loud enough to comfortably belt out your lungs to the best songs ever, but not screetchy so that you can stand right next to the speakers without your ears hurting. Thats why we use top of the range equipment, as the sound from $300 Behringer speakers is shitty, compared to good quality speakers such as QSC that are around the $1500 mark.