1 Loss and Damage  


All care is taken to prevent damage to equipment. Guests are instructed not to bring drinks onto the dance floor. Drinks placed on the DJ table or other equipment will be removed, but we cannot spend all night moving drinks as we need our hands to DJ.

Please ask your venue manager or wedding stylist to incorporate bar tables and wine barrels around the dance floor to avoid this happening.

Client is responsible for any damage caused by guests.

Client is responsible for lost wireless microphones. South Sound Events DJs will collect the microphone from MC after the speeches or after the first dance. Microphone is not given to ANY of the guests at any point, without approval from the MC and either the Bride or Groom. On that note – karaoke is not allowed, as our equipment is not set up for this. If you would like some karaoke, please let us know and we can get a quote for you.


Lighting and speakers are mounted on tripod stands. These stands will fall if they are leant on, run into etc. Lighting can be especially heavy. All care is taken by South Sound Events to ensure stands are positioned well away from traffic areas. However, no responsibility is taken for injury. The client is responsible for any damage caused by guests. We have public liability insurance.


2 Payments

Non-refundable Deposit

To confirm the booking, a non-refundable deposit of $800 is required to secure the date. The date will be secure only when you receive written confirmation from South Sound Events and have signed these terms and conditions.

The non-refundable deposit locks your DJ in for the date, and they will turn away other work for the date as they are locked in to service your wedding. This locks you in for your DJ, meaning you have made a fully-informed decision on the service you wish to engage for your wedding.

If you change your wedding date or have a change of mind, and we are able to secure another booking for that date, a portion of the deposit, MAY be refunded at our discretion on a case by case basis.

Should your wedding be postponed due to government COVID regulations not permitting weddings, or weddings with over 50 people, or dancing etc, we will work with you to find a reschedule date (within 12 months) and your non-refundable deposit will be applied in full to your new date. This can be a peak date for the first postponement and we will absorb the total amount of loss of income should you be forced to postpone. A peak date being defined as a Friday, Saturday or day before a public holiday, from late September through until mid May.

Should you decide to alter your wedding arrangements (or elope) due to border restrictions preventing your guests from attending, and you no longer wish to utilise our DJ services on your wedding day, we will work with you to find an alternative such as a Photo Booth, Silent Disco hire or a DJ for a house party on an alternative date. We would then apply the $800 non-refundable deposit to this if we have enough time to secure another wedding booking for your original date.

Interstate couples are required to pay an $800 non-refundable deposit. The first postponement due to closed borders (to another peak date) will incur a $300 charge to your final invoice to cover admin, however we will absorb the loss of income ($2400 plus) if we are unable to secure another wedding booking on your original date.

If a subsequent postponement is required, this must be to an off-peak day such as Thursday or Sunday, or late May until early September. We will absorb the admin fee plus the loss of income if we unable to get another wedding booking.

A third postponement will become a new booking and a new deposit will be required.

Final Payment

Payment of the balance for the event is due 60 days before your wedding. This is non-refundable should your event be cancelled, postponed etc – or if you have a change of mind.

While we are sympathetic to illness, family problems, acts of god and other events that may occur to prevent your wedding from occurring, we do not absorb the loss of income for this. You are responsible for payment of the full invoice – unless we can secure another wedding booking.

If your wedding is postponed due to government COVID regulations after payment in full is due/has been made, we will work with you to find a reschedule date (within 12 months) and your payment in full with be applied to that new date. New dates may require a re-quote, and thus a part refund (for a weekday or off peak date) will be available. Conversely if your new date is a peak time, a re-quote may mean that there are extra charges for that particular date (or logistics).

Should you decide to alter your wedding arrangements (or elope) due to border restrictions, and decide you no longer wish to utilise our DJ services on your wedding day, we will work with you to find an alternative such as a Photo Booth, Silent Disco hire or a DJ for a house party on an alternative date to apply the full payment to.

Change of date

If you change the date of your wedding, it is considered a new booking. The deposit for the original booking is non refundable or transferrable – unless we are able to secure another booking for that date, in which case the deposit (or a portion of) MAY be refunded – at our discretion.


3 DJ requirements


Music choices for pivotal points of the event must be supplied no later than 14 days before your wedding. It is South Sound Events’ preference that the music choices and direction are finalised and provided 4 to 6 weeks before the event – just so that you can do a good job with it and not be under pressure. If we are not supplied with any musical direction for your event, please be aware that this is your choice, and your decision not to do so, may affect the awesomeness of your event.


If it is an outdoor event, shelter from possible rain/wind must be provided. If it rains, and shelter is not sufficient from rain and wind, equipment WILL BE PACKED AWAY. No refund will be given.

Music can be played with one speaker and an iPod if we are able to find a small sheltered area (at the discretion of South Sound Events).

More than one set-up and pack-down of equipment will incur an extra charge should weather change.

If there is an option to set up undercover, this will be taken if there is a chance of rain greater than 20%.

Shelter from the sun is very important for both DJ and live acoustic acts as our equipment will not work once overheated. Neither will we as humans! Please consider afternoon sun and positioning of DJ/live music, as sometimes we are ‘undercover’ but the sun is coming in on an angle.


A standard 3-pin domestic mains power supply at 240V 10Amps is required. Our equipment needs to run on a different phase to the power used by the kitchen/catering. If you think the power supply may be a problem please discuss this with us beforehand.

Generators – Must be voltage regulated with 10Amp outputs, at minimum it must be 20KVA and must be functioning with ‘Pure Sine Waves’, not square waves. DJ equipment cannot be run from the same generator as kitchen equipment with thermostats. If you are unsure, please discuss the generator/power with Mandy, as DJ equipment can be easily damaged. If the power is not safe, DJ equipment will not be plugged in due to the risk of damage.


Not required. We will bring our own table and tablecloth. We can set up in a pretty small area, we just need enough room to dance a bit behind our table! We have a black or white tablecloth. If you would like another table please let’s discuss after you have checked out the options here.


A supplier meal would be greatly appreciated, as it’s a long day. We do not have any dietary requirements. However, purchasing your DJ a meal is not a condition of booking, you just need to inform us so we can be organised the day before to prepare our own food. Please let us know in the final confirmation that you fill out for us right before your event date CLICK HERE.

Conclusion of Your Event

We are required to turn all music off at the allocated time. If your venue closes at 12.00 midnight, the music needs to be turned off at 12.00, so we will play your final song at 11.55.

If you wish to have music past the allocated time – this is firstly confirmed with your venue manager, and you will most probably find there is a venue licence fee of approximately $600. The fee for us to continue to DJ will be worked out on a case by case with your DJ. It is their decision if they wish to extend their time, and may depend on if they have a wedding the next evening.

It must also be confirmed with the bus/transport company, before the DJ can continue to play music.

If your event is held on a private or leased property with no other staff on site at midnight, you must either ask your hired security to stand with the DJ at the confirmed time for the finish of the event, or appoint a responsible person (perhaps one of the groomsmen) as support as the music is turned off.

Last Songs/Leaving Songs

Keeping in mind the above information about the timing of the conclusion of your event, please be aware that we time the last songs you have chosen, to coincide with the finish time.

It is your responsibility to have both of you, the bride and the groom (and the bridal party if you wish) present at the end of the evening. We can’t stop time, or play your leaving song late. Nor can we leave the DJ table to find you and double check you are not in the toilet etc, as the DJ equipment is then unsafe and the table can be knocked over (people can be a bit unsteady at the end of a long day).

It’s usually dark on the dance floor and we really can’t see if both of you are there. We will always do our best, and have been known to fly out and grab our brides for a boogie when the end of the night is approaching and we feel you might not be aware…. But please – ensure you find your groom, or your bride for the conclusion of your evening to leave on a high note!