South Sound Events South Sound Events is committed to providing a premium professional wedding service to clients that do not want to worry about anything in the lead up to their wedding, and especially on the day.


South Sound Events is committed to providing a premium professional wedding service to clients that do not want to worry about anything in the lead up to their wedding, and especially on the day.

Our DJs are not too old, not too young and understand the impact that music has on the atmosphere for the entire event, not just while everyone is dancing. We understand how to tactfully handle requests that are not appropriate for the mood you wish to be setting, but we are also more than happy to play any requests that do fit in with what we are trying to achieve.

We work with the venue coordinator and your MC to assist in managing the event. Anything that we see that needs attention, we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Our service is not just one dimensional, its not just music – its about working together to achieve the end result, an amazing party and experience for you and your guests.

Funky tunes

To DJ at a wedding you have to understand music. You have to understand how to play interesting funky cool tunes before people start dancing. Yes, everyones definition of ‘good music can be very different, but we feel that having DJs in their 30s is a great way to be able to identify with all of your guests. We are not so young that we do not have an understanding of good music for the oldies, but not so old that we are disaccosiated with music being released now. There is a lot of popular music played on the radio. Some of it is really great and your guests will be able to identify with it. However there is a ifference between good pop music and bad pop music and rest assured that South Sound Events understands that.

MC support

The support that we provide for your MC is second to none. They will be able to relax and enjoy themselves as your guest, without having to watch the clock or worry about what is next. Whomever you choose as your MC will be so happy to play an important role on your wedding day. Within our client log in, there is an entire page with advice for the MC, which a PDF that they can print out. They then email us once this has been read and we will send them on the Run Sheet once it is finalised. Another way that booking South Sound Events as your wedding dj down south will take the pressure off you both – more time to relax and organise everything else!

Public liability

Public liability and general insurance is a must. As we operate as a professional event supplier, we are fully insured and covered.

Audio Recording

Would you like an audio recording of your wedding to keep and treasure forever? Imagine hearing the speeches again after ten years. We can record the whole night and present you with an edited version of your wedding. Pre dancing and dinner music, your speeches – and a copy of all the tunes that made your dance floor go off!


For more details as to the specific equipment we use please check out the equipment tab. However, you can rest assured that we actually do use the best equipment that is available, we don’t just say that it’s top quality dj equipment. All weddings include a wireless microphone and stand for your speeches, and a small classy amount of LED up lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

Our Mission

What do we consider to be priorities at a wedding or special event?


The focus is on eating, drinking, chatting and enjoying the event – not shouting over the top of loud music.


Nothing creates atmosphere like the right music and mood lighting. Atmosphere is correct when nobody notices. Except to mention that they feel comfortable, sexy, relaxed, happy!

Music has a huge influence on mood. If you are celebrating and standing, you dont want slow heavy music to bring everyone down. While plates are getting cleared between formailties, upbeat cool tunes get everyone in the right mood to party before hitting a dance floor.


EVERY song counts. So much can happen with that selection. Have you ever tried to choose music from an ipod at a party? Its hard. This job is difficult to get perfect, and it needs to be done just right. You need a lot of musical knowledge combined with empathy and the ability to see not just the big picture – but the whole enitre picture.


Your event means everything to us. Every detail. We think of things and operate in the background to make the entire night run like clockwork. We work so hard with you up until the big day, and on the day – anything that needs doing gets done. Without a fuss – leaving you to enjoy yourself.