Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we often get asked…

How much does it cost?

Please check out our pricing guide before enquiring about your wedding date. We deliver a premium service and while we are the best value for money in terms of what you get, if music is relatively low in your wedding priorities (which is more than ok, you have to decide what is important) we don’t compromise on our standard of attention and service.


Every wedding is different – our quote depends on your wants and needs, as well as timing requirements.
Not so much the time spent DJing (as that’s the fun part), but if you need us to set up before the ceremony begins due to location.

But get in touch and we can discuss. If your music budget is within the ballpark of our pricing, we would love to make a time for a chat so we can get you a quote for your consideration, with absolutely no obligation except a courtesy email to let us know.

What areas do you go to?

We are based in Margaret River/Dunsborough, and prefer to do weddings close to home base where extra backup equipment and staff are available.
We are happy to travel for an epic party – as long as accomodation and travel time is covered by you. Travel may not be available for a Friday wedding if we are booked already on a Saturday night as we do not want to compromise any of our clients, ever! ♫ ♩ ♬

How early do I have to book?

We book out well in advance, especially for ultra peak periods such as October, November, December, February, March and April.

Get in touch and let us put your date enquiry in the system as soon as possible?

Can I book if I don't know my exact date?

No, you need to have secured a venue / date before we can invoice you for the deposit to lock in a date. You could contact us to enquire about availability for dates, but we cant lock anything in until you have.


Interested in pricing?