DJ Cue

Hi friends!

Cuan Wheatley is the name but you can call me Cue!
When I’m not DJing tunes for epic couples at their weddings, you will probably find me grabbing a smashed avo on west-coast drive with my wife and dog Chewbacca. Don’t tell anyone but he is a puppy-chino addict.

My passion for music and great events transcends from years of playing music, both as a musician and DJ. I never thought in a million years that my hobbies and passions would become my career! But here we are. Playing tunes for beautiful people at the most beautiful venues.

My vibrant personality and easy going nature helps people feel like they can trust me with the logistics and feel of their celebration. Music and atmosphere is one of the most crucial parts to be perfected, and it takes great skill to be able to read the room, and play what’s appropriate. This is the art of a great DJ. Knowing what to play and when to play it. Ready for a vibe? Because I’ll be bringing it all day long!

DJ Cue at your service.