Mandy B – DJ

Not taking on new wedding couples, sorry – but we have other rad DJs!

Howard Park (Feb 2020)

Hayshed Hill (Oct 2019)

South Sound Events was created by Mandy to lift the quality of music being delivered at weddings, by bringing good DJs together and connecting them with people that aren’t looking for a ‘Wedding DJ’ with a run of the mill cringe worthy done to death playlist.

Originally from Perth, Mandy moved to Margaret River in 2008 to complete her winemaking degree. She worked as a winemaker for a short time, but found that while music had always been a part time hobby – it was beginning to take up more and more of her life. Once the word was out that people could have a DJ at their wedding that was fun, funky and played good music – she was instantly in great demand. So she decided to follow her heart and keep making people happy on dance floors!. Giving up her winemaking career and most of her weekends was a no brainer, it payed off in being able to bring such an important element to these events – the perfect atmosphere on such a special day in peoples lives.

DJ Mandy B now plays in Dunsborough at The Pourhouse, Bungalow and The Dunsborough Tavern – as well as special events and festivals such as Cabin Fever, Cinefest, Goumet Escape etc. You can catch her playing a banger of a set at Settlers Tavern… or back in the day she played at the South Bound Festivals (since 2010), and at The Cape Wine Bar, Little Brother, Malt, The Firestation, The Goose, and Morries amongst others. 

Her love for DJing began when she was 16 and working at Central Station Records. She quickly became an avid record collector, and bought turntables instead of a car much to her parents dismay. Her first residency was at the legendary Fuel Bar when she was almost 18, where she soon moved on to promoting and coordinating the music for the venue. Residencies all over Perth followed; The Captain Stirling, The Queens Hotel, The Como, Hyde Park Hotel, The Glasshouse, Grand Boulevard Tavern, Mustang Bar, Phillimores, The Clink, The Rosemount, The Globe and Ambar to name a few… and eventually Mandy achieved her dream of playing at Geisha – where she became a resident for 2 years.

She has been involved in Minimal Exposure gigs, played drum and bass with the Roller crew, The Beat Suite with Sharif Galal and Micah, Full Frequency and Rhythm Trippin on RTR and has featured on Triple J mix up.

Once she moved down south and had completed her degree, Mandy worked as a wine tour guide for Wine For Dudes and Margaret River Tours – and then DJed at weddings on the weekend. However she found that it wasn’t just about rocking up and playing great music – supporting clients in the lead up to the wedding, and being involved in the planning stages required more time, so she focused on South Sound Events full time from 2013.

Now she enjoys bringing her wealth of experience in hospitality and events as an added bonus to her clients. Having a run sheet that flows smoothly is an element in event planning that Mandy feels a lot of couples may not receive enough assistance with.

Since mini DJ Hunter Mills was born in 2018, Mandy tries to have the odd Saturday here and there to spend with the family, but remains passionate about doing extra special weddings for clients that are in the 35 and above age bracket.

If you are looking for Wedding DJ Packages, or the ‘cheapest but good-est’ DJ please don’t linger too long here, but if we have the same top priorities for a really great party (food, booze, music) then we should totally have a chat!


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