Triple J Unearthed 


Having both parents as professional concert musicians and teachers meant Liliya was able to have music lessons from a very early age and also perform music as a child. She worked singing for commercials with composer Mario Grigorov (composer of score for recent movie Precious) in Sydney. As a teenager she was fortunate to continue her music lessons and performed solo trumpet as well as her cello in a concert at the Sydney Opera House. During this time she found her love of singing, harmonising and composing songs – and joined with other musicians creating beautiful music together. During her time at university, she also studied ballet and drama, and has performed in various acts since. At present she performs her original music (singing and playing guitar or cello) in venues around her home town, and on cello as part of local band called Secret Life Of Plants. She enjoys jamming with other local musicians on a regular basis, and writes new original songs often.

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