Cocktail Event

Cocktail style events require a lot more attention to the music.

For example – if you get it wrong, ie play music that is too slow or downbeat, it can make guests feel heavy on their feet and bring the atmosphere down. I have been to a few cocktail weddings like this, the music went from background, boring, sleepy, to BANG heavy dancing stuff. It’s the music in between – that is happy and upbeat, but allows people to focus on good company and conversation, as well as the beautiful food and wine. So the aim is to hold it right there for most of the night.

You need to consider what time you officially kick off the dancing. we have learnt over the past 10 years of DJing at weddings, that people generally have 2.5 to 3 hours of good solid dancing in them. But at a cocktail party they will be pretty boozy and ready to PARTY by 8pm. If we don’t try to hold them at the bopping along chatting upbeat happy stage, and keep them from tearing up the dance floor before say 8.45/9.00 – we could almost guarantee that by 11.30/12.00 they will have started to peter out.

But that time after the formalities, and before dancing, is such an awesome party of a party – when you have a few drinks in your belly and are having great conversations, the music is happy, life is grand. Then that way by keeping things there for a while, when they start dancing they go CRAZY, right up until the end of the night!

The PHOTO BOOTH is a great investment for a cocktail style party as it will get a good workout and be excellent value for your money. It gives people another entertainment option… head to the bar, hit the dance floor, laugh it up at the photo booth and then repeat!