Your final payment is due 2 months before the wedding date, but can be paid at any time that suits you.
Payment in instalments is acceptable, just please let us know your intention.

You can email your DJ directly to request their final invoice, or via the button below.

At the moment our invoicing system is not automated.
During wedding season we mostly answer emails and prepare music – and invoicing seems to get left to last!
We will try to send your invoice out to you as its due, but feel free to contact us for a copy of it at any time.

We need to double check the start time of your ceremony and reception, as perhaps this has altered since we first met and sent you the quote/invoice. If you need us to set up before the ceremony begins, you need to let us know so we are ready in time and that we can bill you appropriately for the extra 2 hours or so this may require.

Email request final invoice