Prep for the big day

The Weather

  • When in doubt, get a marquee, or at the very least have one on standby.
  • Its cold at night down south! Even in the middle of summer! Please let your guests know. Girls do not like wearing jackets over pretty dresses, I know. But the number of times I have had to lend my jacket is unbelievable. And this happens in December/January. Go to your wedding venue at 8.30 at night any time of the year and you will feel it.
  • There are a lot of flies late November until January. If you have an outdoor ceremony think about being somewhere that flies are not crawling into your eyes, nose and mouth while you are saying your vows.
  • If you get married on a beach, make sure you and your celebrant have considered the volume for your guests. If you have over 80 guests, and its windy and waves are crashing, people will struggle to hear your wedding vows. Ask your celebrant about the power of their PA system and consider hiring more equipment if necessary. Johny Sound is a good person to contact for this PHONE: 0407 192 627 FACEBOOK PAGE 

Considerations for your dance floor

Where will people place their drinks;

  • Wine barrels or similar look great around the dance floor. Please see ‘Suppliers We Love‘ for some options but Zest, Barrels & Brellas, Empire or Bling to name a few.
  • Broken glass on the dance floor is the biggest vibe killer, and is also dangerous. I have seen a girl cut her bare feet and had to leave to leave the wedding and go to hospital – and get stitches. So awful.

What surface are people dancing on;

  • for example saving money on a dance floor is great, but high heels that fall through the cracks in the decking get damaged – and people can hurt themselves.
  • People actually do not like dancing on grass – its cute, but actually hard work and somewhat tiring after a while.

The Stress

All of my clients find the last three to four weeks very stressful in the leadup. So be prepared for it! As much as you organise in the months before, its the last few weeks when you are tying up loose ends that can be very difficult. That is why you chose to book professionals in the wedding industry so that you can rely on them for as much help as you need. We are here to make this as easy for you as possible. But take care of yourself – eat well and get plenty of sleep. On the day of your wedding wake up feeling confident in the work that you have put in and the suppliers that you have booked – you can sit back and enjoy the ride!