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Any feedback from you is much appreciated. After the wedding (when you return to earth), we would love to schedule a time for a chat over the phone to discuss how your DJ delivered for you on the night. Or even if you could please send us a quick email.

Feedback for South Sound Events

A testimonial and review of our services for potential clients is also of great help. We find the credibility of Facebook or Google quite useful for this.

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You may wish to mention

  • How you felt at our initial meeting
  • If you were comfortable dealing with South Sound Events in organising your event, and then your DJ on the night
  • Anything we assisted with other than music, such as advice on the run sheet 
  • Our communication, if we were timely in replying to emails/phone calls etc
  • MC, your DJ and venue manager working together on the night
  • The music played, if you noticed the effect on the atmosphere 
  • How you friends felt about the music played
  • How your family and ‘the older folks’ felt about the music played
  • Lighting and equipment
  • Support in the last few weeks lead up to your wedding day
  • Any other advice over and beyond just the music played on the night
  • Assistance with your ceremony and canape hour (if applicable)
  • and importantly, if you felt that your decision to book us was of value to you.

While we loooove reading reviews, its not for our (already very healthy) egos, its so that future clients can understand a bit more about what we do. This is absolutely imperative to our business and will allow us to continue doing what we love! You might save someone from booking one of those god awful ‘wedding djs’ with a greasy ponytail and a CD case full of bad bad music.

Your personal feedback is also very important. If there are any areas of the process that we can improve on, please let us know so that we can continue to workshop together to get the highest standard and deliver the best possible service.