Run Sheet/Event Order

The two most important components of information you need to construct your run sheet for the day and evening are timing from your photographer for photos, and the food service details. Then once you know who is giving a speech, get in touch and we can talk through the order of things and put together your Run Sheet!



Sunset – discuss the sunset time with your photographer (if you google 23rd November 2019 Sunset Margaret River you can get the exact time). Work out when and where is best for the photos following your ceremony. Then you and your photographer can work out the best time for your ceremony to begin.

Getting Ready – discuss with your MUA and hairdresser the time requirement for the bridal party, and work out with your photographer and stylists the timing for the photos of you ‘getting ready’ before you head off for the ceremony. This can be a bit of a nerve racking time if you feel under pressure, you want to be ready in time for photos as well as a glass or two of bubbles with your posse! Perhaps enjoy a nice playlist such as
SouthSoundEvents Hair and Make Up playlist

Seating your guests/beginning of the reception
It makes sense to commence the reception (or seat your guests) once you are back from photos. They will enjoy each others company standing and mingling for canapes and drinks following the ceremony, and if we seat them a long time before you are back, it can feel like they are sitting there ‘waiting’. Lets confirm with your photographer what time you will return from photos, then add 15 minutes for you to freshen up to work out what time you will be introduced into the reception. If the guests orders need to be taken, we need to also allocate time for this (especially if they are having a choice for entree as well as main course). If its alternate drop, then lets seat them when you are due to return from photos so they are only waiting 15 minutes.

Housekeeping and Introducing the Bridal Party
Lets try to not interrupt everyone’s conversations too often on the microphone – we can go over the housekeeping once the mains orders have been taken and the bridal party is 100% ready to enter. Basically you guys are lined up in the correct order, at the edge of the reception area just out of sight – and you listen to us go over the housekeeping so at the end of the details – we start playing your entrance song!

Food Service – discuss with your venue coordinator or the catering company what the plan is for the service of food. Canapés, Entree, Mains and Dessert. Is your wedding cake being plated as your dessert? If so, what time would the kitchen like is to ‘cut the cake’ so they can have it for serving? If the wedding is cocktail style, how will it work with the kitchen – do they have a rough time to serve substantial canapés? We will need to know so we can do the speeches around this time.

Once we have food service timing, and timing you will be away for photos – we can construct the rest of the run sheet.

You Can’t Have It All – sorry to be the one to tell you this! But you can’t have canapés, entree, mains, dessert, finish at 11pm with 7 speeches and expect to be dancing for 3 hours. It’s up to you to work out your priorities. Discuss with your caterer or venue manager about entree. If food is a priority, then sure entree is very important. But entree takes a fair amount of time from the evening (especially if you have over 100 guests) in the serving and clearing as well as the eating. Would you consider extending the canapés and having more time in your reception (ie more time for dancing)?

Speeches – let us know who is giving a speech. Lets break the speeches up so we have 2 or 3 speeches in each ’round’. It makes sense to have the first round of speeches, then some dinner – then the last of the speeches after dinner. We find that after around 8.45pm people are starting to relax and get into party mode, so we recommend having speeches completed by this time.
The run sheets that we work from and give to your MC will not have times next to each of the speeches, as it will flow on from the event or the speaker before. While we have a time that main course is served, we don’t know down to the minute what time everyone would have finished eating and that the plates are cleared and drinks topped up by. The speeches will start after the ok from the venue manager/caterers.

Cake Cutting – we feel that it flows well when we cut the cake following the groom’s speech. Or we could cut the cake just before your first dance, on your way to the dance floor. Cake cutting doesn’t really matter too much – it doesn’t take long and most of your guests won’t really notice! But its a great photo opportunity and only takes a few minutes. Its something that gets people chatting and up out of their seats, so it doesnt work well before someone is about to give a speech.

First Dance – its very important to have a quick break after the speeches before we do your first dance. Let your guests get up and start to get their groove on, a chance to go to the bathroom, a trip to the bar, etc etc. You guys can use this time to do a lap of the room and say g’day to a few people – because once we do your first dance it’s on for the rest of the night, until close. The music we play for this time after speeches, before the first dance (and dessert is served over this period also) is to get everybody excited about hitting the d floor. We want to warm them up with some huge party tunes, but still at a level that allows people to have great chats and laughs and a good mingle before we tear it up! An example of music for this time is

So you can see its party tunes! But party tunes that are good for the dance floor but not quite at level 10!

THE BREAK BETWEEN FORMALITIES AND THE FIRST DANCE IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT. When guests are seated listening to speeches, eating, then more speeches…. they won’t feel like immediately jumping up and dancing for 3 hours following this, without a warm up – and a break to go to the toilet and have a chat. Please let us have at the very least two to four songs, while dessert is served – to achieve a good result for you!


After our initial meeting, we sent you the Booking Sheet along with a Run Sheet (TEMPLATE) to just get things going, or there is a rough guide available below (this is just a template however). Your photographer and or venue/caterer may also send you run sheets. Feel free to email those to us and we can use this information and keep it simple for you!

Download 'Run Sheet Template' Download 'Run Sheet Template (w entree)' Download 'Run Sheet Template (cocktail style)'