It can be a bit of fun to choose a song for each person giving a speech.
We play a snippet of the chorus (or the most relevant part of the song), after they are introduced and as they walk to the microphone.
We think its a cute idea as a total surprise to the person giving a speech!
Something to do with their job, their hobbies, a funny personality trait, their appearance etc.

It does take a bit of pressure off, reminds everyone that we are all friends and here for a good time. Not all of our clients decide to do the speech intros, there are many events that it is not appropriate for – and we respect that. Its just an option that you have available to you, if you so wish. If its cocktail style or a formal wedding, perhaps best to skip the intro songs. Or if the DJ is going to be positioned somewhere that they cannot see the microphone.

If you ask the person giving the speech to pick their own intro song, it can be a bit boring, as they usually just choose a song they like – but totally up to you.

We often get parents choosing a random song for the 60s that hardly anyone knows, and it doesn’t hit the mark for entertainment value.

For example, Daddy Cool for your dad. Something to do with the colour red if they have bright red hair! Surfin USA if they love to surf. Perhaps a sporting team theme song if they are fanatical about their team. Our Spotify playlist should get you started if you decide you wish to include these intro songs.

Personally we feel that while songs work well for speeches, the bridal party intro is much quicker with more person all at the one time – and that one song for your entrance tends to have more impact.

While it would be great to be able to have a song for the MC, that doesnt really work as then we would have background music, but jump to a loud intro with no opportunity to get everyone’s attention and arrest conversation prior to this.



Do not worry too much about speeches dragging on for too long. They are an important part of your wedding reception, and as long as people have somewhat prepared what they will say beforehand, you will really dig the speeches! Through our event order and planning, we ensure that before speeches commence your guests have refilled drinks and have had a trip to the bathroom, so that they are relaxed and enjoy themselves. Again, I wouldnt schedule 6.55 for one speech, 7.02 for another etc – its better to just work out the order and if they are before or after main course etc, and the night will flow from there.

If there are only 3 speeches we can do them all together. If there are four or more, we recommend breaking them up with food and drink, as well as a chance for that loo break.

We suggest starting with family, then working up to whomever is possibly the ‘main event’. But there are no rules, whomever you want to speak and whenever – let’s make it work.


Father of the Bride

Father of the Groom



Best Man



Or if you feel nervous, and would prefer to get yours over and done with first (so that you can then sit back and actually enjoy the other speeches) that’s a great idea too.

It’s up to you – let’s discuss.