When you book a great DJ, you don’t need to come up with an entire playlist of music for the evening. But there are a few songs you have to choose and some input that is required, so we can deliver the best possible outcome for you on the night. So let us help you with that!

We recommend you create a Spotify account, purely for the purpose of using it to browse music. Then its easy to drag and drop anything you like (when working in the Spotify desktop app) straight into a playlist, which is a great way to make ‘lists’ and put your music quickly into the one spot. Apart from being faster than typing out artists names and songs, its a fun way to have awesome playlists available for your own use. Many of our clients are still playing their playlists from their wedding a year afterwards!

We use Spotify, so its easy for you to be able to browse our playlists for inspiration, but you can also use Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon etc

You need to create an account in order to use Spotify, however you do not need to pay for a Premium account.

Signing up with Facebook is quite fast and easy, or you can create a username and password.

A Premium account is attained by ‘upgrading to Premium‘ and paying a monthly fee.

You can always sign up for a while, and then cancel your subscription anytime if you are no longer using it.

Premium advantages are

  • Listen while offline / download music to your device
  • No ads
  • Don’t have to shuffle play
  • Can skip songs and use your Spotify app like music

Premium has the function to download music to a device, which is very helpful for your ceremony music. Once you have appointed someone to press play for your ceremony, please forward on the Ceremony Music iPod Director document, to help them to nail it for you!

Please check out our Spotify account for suggestions and inspiration. We can browse your public playlists for an idea of your taste in music, and to check out the playlists that you make (make sure they are set to public, if they say MAKE SECRET then it is public).

Could you please send us your username by clicking on the three dots by your username in Spotify, and then SHARE. Copy and paste the link so we can find you, for example

Again, you don’t need to come up with enough songs for the entire night. And, we don’t want to play ‘your music’ to the guests, we want to cater to the crowd and the atmosphere.

But we do really want to know the ‘special songs’ that mean something to you, your friends and your family. Songs are like smells – they remind us of special times and bring back memories.

Playlists we suggest you make now in your Spotify account, and then add to them in the coming months

  • Special Songs
  • Ceremony Music
  • First Dance
  • Entrance Song
  • Stuff We Dig

Just collect music and then make some decisions about your song choices closer to the wedding date. You might not have yet heard the best song in the world as it hasn’t been released yet!

Filling out our forms and working in Spotify will be easiest on a desktop computer, but if you have the Spotify app on your phone and have already set up these five playlists, its easy to add a song that is playing by clicking on the three little dots to the right of the song title and “Add to Playlist”.

Connect Spotify with Shazam

Connect your Spotify account with Shazam to automatically save tracks to a Spotify playlist called My Shazam Tracks.

  1. Open the Shazam app.
  2. Tap My Shazam in the top-left corner.
  3. Next to Spotify, tap CONNECT.

For more information, check out the Shazam website.

This is such an easy way to add music to your Spotify account, for dragging and dropping into your wedding playlists later. We love this feature and use it every day! Such a great tool for when you are on the road and hear something you need to add for us – you don’t have to scramble for a pen and paper.




Spotify user help, and some further inspiration

  • If you want to locate a user by their username, in the search boy you need to type spotify:user:southsoundevents

if you just searched the username of southsoundevents, the user will probably not show up, you need to have spotify:user: then add the username.

  • If you want to search for a specific genre of music, try the search box with for example “90s hip hop”, and scroll down to find playlists of that name so you don’t just get generic boring Spotify curated playlists.
  • If you search for wedding music, it potentially will be painful and tragic songs. However some good accounts to trawl through for inspiration are listed below for you!