Your MC

Your MC will be receiving a great deal of assistance from us. They will not have to watch the time or the flow of the function. We will do all of the monitoring of that so that they can relax and enjoy the night as your guest. All they have to do is

  • read through/print out MC INFORMATION
  • email your DJ or (with the wedding date in the subject line) so we can touch base before the big day
  • chat with the DJ and meet function coordinator before reception begins (usually during canapés)
  • get the DJ to show them the mic stand and microphone – have a quick soundcheck so they feel comfortable
  • chat with bridal party after you return from photos to again confirm order of entrance/bridal party introduction
  • go through the housekeeping for the venue/function and introduce the bridal party
  • introduce the speeches

For best results, pick a friend or family member to be your MC that is not in the bridal party, and has the kind of personality that will get everyone excited for your big entrance. The rest is easy! Your MC can ‘knock off’ after the speeches are finished, and your DJ can announce the first dance etc from that point.

Those are the only requirements when choosing someone as your MC. It is not a big job, once the housekeeping is over its all very easy and super fun. Your friends/family will be delighted to be able to take part in your wedding day, people enjoy helping out so do not feel bad in asking, they will be honoured. Please ask your MC to print out the Info Document and the Housekeeping Template. Most MCs report that they feel very relaxed once they read through the information. Then if they could email us directly, we can can send them final run sheet once its completed.

If your MC is in your bridal party, then we do not have a chance to talk to them before the beginning of the reception (as they will be off having photos). The MC needs to be familiar with the microphone operation, and comfortable adjusting the microphone stand for people giving a speech. They need to know what to do if feedback occurs, they need to meet the function coordinator and listen to any information they have for the MC.

If your MC is in the bridal party they will not be doing the housekeeping or introducing the bridal party – which are the main two jobs of the MC. They will be simply introducing the speakers for their speeches. I think its best to appoint someone who knows you both and would love the opportunity to be involved and help out at your wedding. It’s an exciting and easy job, and they usually have a lot of fun, so don’t be shy to ask a family member or a friend. From past experience I would choose someone that is around the same age as the majority of your guests. If your wedding guest list is mostly family, then someone of your parents/family’s age might present best. And likewise if its mostly your friends around your age, choose an MC in this category.

All that you need to do; forward on the document below to your MC, then ask them to email us directly – and we will take care of the rest. Then when we hear from your MC, we will ensure that they get a copy of the run sheet once we have finalised it with your photographer & venue/caterer.