Your Wedding Music

Print out the Wedding Music Sheet, and stick the Special Songs page to the fridge so you can keep working on it over time and have it in your mind. Its not a job you can do in one sitting a few weeks before the wedding, its actually super difficult and needs to be something that happens over time – when you are in the mood and relaxed, listening to music…. or when you stumble across a song and think ‘Oh yeah! We need to add that one to our list!’

We don’t know your Special Songs unless you have helped us out by working on this list.

We recommend 3 to 20 Special Songs; music that resonates with you, your friends and family. Songs that remind you of special times and bring back happy memories. This is what will make the night all about you – and the effort you put in will pay off on your dance floor!

From this, we will on the night create the perfect atmosphere, and cater to the wide range of guests that attend a wedding. Young, old, popular music, alternative, classics – we keep it moving so everyone feels relaxed and happy.

Download 'Wedding Music Sheet'

OK, so what exactly do we have to do?

1 – Special Songs

Print it out and work on this over time, not at the last minute. Put the most amount of effort into these songs, as they will pay off on your dance floor! It makes the night all about you. Songs remind us of special times, and help create wonderful memories. We can play music to rock the dance floor, but we don’t know what song you had at your hens day that everyone was feeling, unless you let us know! See below for some examples and good notes that went with them…..

example Wedding Music Sheet

example Wedding Music Sheet

example Wedding Music Sheet

Are you Italian? South African? Greek? Please give us a list of songs relevant to your heritage. If you number them from 1-5, so we play your #1 best song first, then if everyone is really going off and super excited, we know your #2 is the next best and so on. If you give us 1-5 or even a 1-10, it doesn’t mean we will play them all (unless you specify you absolutely want us to). This just gives us the songs at the ready, and the knowledge to understand what will hit the hardest for you and your family. You would be surprised, all the guests always really get into it! Its a special moment.

2 – Key Songs

You will need to pick the key songs for pivotal moments of the evening. Your first dance, the bridal party entrance song, the final song for the evening etc. You can choose some speech intro songs if you wish (this is optional, and not suited to cocktail style weddings, or formal events). You might have a song you wish us to play as you cut the cake – again this is optional. Its played at a pretty low volume so you can leave it to us if you wish. And for the end of the night – we love it when you have a few anthems that you feel will work best with your family and friends to finish up the last 15 minutes or so.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COMMUNICATE TO US THE PROPER ‘MIX’ OR ‘VERSION’ OF YOUR KEY SONGS. There is no worse feeling than having the wrong song played for your first dance, or the bridal party entrance. Please let us know, if you have been hearing the song on a certain album or Spotify for example. This must be outlined in the Wedding Music Sheet and on the Final Confirmation. While we look at your Spotify – this is not what we DJ from, so we must download the same version of the song that you are expecting to hear!

3 – Ceremony Music

Unless we are booked to play the ipod music for your ceremony, you do not need to supply South Sound Events with this information.
However while you are thinking about music in general, this is included in your Wedding Music Sheet to help you along.
If you would like to see if we are able to help with the ceremony, please ask. We can provide the iPod loaded with your songs (a job many of our clients leave to the last minute) and then press play for your ceremony. This service is an option if we can set up in the reception area earlier than usual. Use Spotify to collect beautiful music that you think you might possibly like for the ceremony, and then closer to the wedding date from that list, you can then decide on the aisle processional, the two songs for the signing of the registry, and the three or so happy songs for aisle recessional (after the ceremony as you walk back up the aisle). The music left over then becomes your pre-ceremony playlist, which is very important to set the atmosphere.

4 – Your Taste In Music

Please follow southsoundevents on Spotify so that we can find you. Alternatively send us the link to your account by clicking the three dots under your username and share, copy link to clipboard, and then paste it in an email to me or add it to your Wedding Music Sheet.

We don’t cater to your music tastes exactly…. we cater to the guests and the vibe on the night. However its great to get an idea what music you dig, and if you both have different taste in music thats totally fine (and to be expected). Give us a brain dump of what you are into, or lets connect on Spotify and we can have a bit of a look through your account to get an idea (nothing to be ashamed of ha!)

NOTE – Spotify is great for collecting ideas, but a list of 250 songs of obvious ‘wedding music’ doesnt really help us in understanding what you want (except that you want people to have a phat time, as we do). By all means make a master playlist for us to check out, but then narrow it down for us to those SPECIAL SONGS. When your DJ plays one of them, they know that its special to you and going to really hit hard for you guys.

If you are stuck for ideas, please check out Spotify and search for playlists that fit with what you want.

If you like 90s hip hop, put that into the search box and a huge amount of playlists are there for you to trawl through and choose a few songs!

Head to some of Triple J’s playlists like HOTTEST 100 2017 or GOOD NIGHTS WINDOWS DOWN

I just searched RnB Fridays and found this gem… or if you like the 80s just search and select from SPOTIFYs 80s PLAYLIST.

So, this is just to get you started…. if you pour yourself a wine and give Spotify 15 minutes of your time, I KNOW you will find what you need to fill out the Wedding Music Sheet for us, to help us SMASH your dance floor!

Approximately 18 songs can be played per hour.

For a 6 or 7 hour reception – around the proceedings, thats around 80 tracks.

If you have more than 50 ‘must play’ songs

please realise this doesn’t give us much of a chance to do our thing

and to cater to the mood and the vibe on the night.

If you supply us with a list of more than 80 songs, there will be an extra charge.