DJ Luke Reti


For Luke Reti music has always been a huge part of life. Growing up listening to all styles of music thanks to his family and neighborhood friends, Luke was constantly being fed a diverse range of everything from Hip hop to Heavy metal, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Electronic, Country and much more.

At the age of 16 Luke got his first pair of turntables, started djing at friends and relatives parties and quickly moved into playing club gigs.

From his late teens to mid 20’s Luke spent his days working for music retailers across Perth allowing him to talk music all day, every day and giving him access to everything he needed for his gigs come the weekend.

Luke has held residencies and appeared at many of Perth’s finest venues such as Geisha Bar, Ambar, Shape, Rosemount Hotel, Leederville Hotel, Bar Open, Double Lucky, Defectors Bar, and Velvet lounge to name a few, playing House, Techno, Funk, Disco, Indie, Pop, Reggae, Jazz, Hip hop and anything else that fits the mood and gets the people moving.

Outside of djing in clubs, weddings and parties, Luke spends his spare time producing music, making coffee and chasing new sounds for his DJ sets, keeping his finger on the pulse for what’s new, popular and exciting while still keeping in mind all that has come before.

Luke has realised over the years that what he loves most about Djing is the enjoyment it brings to other people and though it is considered a job, it has never really felt like one!

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