South Sound Events is a collective of DJs, that are not ‘Wedding DJs’ but rather DJs that will play at really cool weddings for people with a passion for dancing and good times.

Providing music and entertainment is the tip of the iceberg for South Sound Events however. We have an extremely high level of care and attention to detail which is imperative to help ensure that things run smoothly, so our clients can feel relaxed and focus on each other and their guests – and not worry about anything on or in the lead up to the big day.

Our DJs and musicians are renowned for their ability to empathise – their focus being on keeping your guests comfortable and provide an outstanding level of service. We are in tune with what guests of all ages like to dance to, and appreciate that every wedding is completely different. None of our DJs have a ‘done to death wedding playlist’ that is used, we all work off the bespoke Wedding Music Sheet that you will fill out (with our help, and some inspiration from our extensive list of Spotify playlists that you can trawl through for inspiration). We have ‘music brainstorming meetings’ where we all share music that we have been playing, and chat about what has been smashing dance floors of late – being in a team is so much fun and allows us to bring you so much more for your wedding. All of our DJs play all styles of music and cater to your guests, rather than the specific music tastes of ‘the bride and groom’… or the groom and groom/bride and bride!

Have you thought about what you would do it something happened to your DJ on your wedding day, that meant they were physically unable to service your wedding? If you have booked with South Sound Events, there will (almost always) be one of us available as backup in very unlikely event of an emergency.

Aside from a backup DJ, we also have backup speakers and equipment – and someone on the ground to rush these out should they be required.

We are constantly pressing ourselves to find ways to deliver more value to our clients. Apart from music and lighting, we can record the audio from your wedding including the speeches, and have this available as an edited polished memory for clients to treasure forever (please confirm this upon booking if you are interested).

With our Photo Booth available for hire, we save clients further as they are not paying for an attendant as such, because aside from the photo booth being fully automated, their DJ is already there and able to take care of the booth. And because we just want your guests to have fun all night, the photo booth hire is from the moment your ceremony finishes, until the lights come up and the event concludes – sometimes this equates to an 8 hour hire period – for the same price!

But the main area our clients get value from is that we will hold the atmosphere right where it needs to be… chilled funky tunes during dinner at an appropriate volume, then building it up between courses and after dinner to keep everyone upbeat and happy….. before we smash out the dancing until everyone has tired sore legs and big smiles when they are leaving!

We do not have a ‘wedding playlist’ but rather build the music for the evening around the discussions we have before the event as to what music holds significance for you, your partner and your friends and family. For example if we play the special song that you were all dancing around to on the hens (or the bucks), at that perfect moment when you are on the dance floor together – that is what takes your party to the next level and makes it your own, building memories of crazy funny dancing. Or your special song with your Dad, or you siblings, or that 90s or early 2000’s tune that you used to rock out to with your mates….. Music is so personal and connected to special moments in our lives, and a run of the mill wedding playlist might not allow for that same emotional connection. However its all about having fun, singing along and dancing and smiling. And your guests need to know the music being played for that to happen – every song is going to be better than the last, and all your guests of every age will connect with the music for the entire night.